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It`s my goal to create a comfortable, safe environment where we`ll work together to achieve your goals . . .

Expats Psychologist is an independent Private International Psychological Practice with a qualified and experienced psychologist. The practice is committed to delivering quality services that are reliable and professional, and provide independent assessments, therapy, specialist trauma intervention, individual coaching, personal training, consultancy and executive coaching.

Expat Psychologist

I `am a Psychologist and experienced Executive Coach in my practice in Leiden and The Hague. I studied psychology (Master`s degree) and it is my passion. I have lived in Syria, Switzerland, Belgium, Dubai and Nigeria and worked for several years and experienced the beauty of different cultures. I am now happily living in Leiden The Netherlands.  

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Psychological Services

Treatment and psychological assesments that helping you change your thinking patterns and improve your coping skills so you're better equipped to deal with life's stresses and conflicts. . .

The practice is comitted to delivering quality services . . .

I pride myself on providing a highly professional, efficient, specialist and prompt service and on always meeting deadlines. I  trained to treat the full spectrum of psychological issues and disorders. In my practice I use  different approaches or therapies. Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is based on the idea that your thoughts cause your feelings and actions. Behavior therapy is a treatment focuses on changing unwanted or unhealthy behaviors and replacing them with healthy ones. Psychoanalysis is a treatment that encourages you to think and talk about memories and feelings from the past. Couples therapy or marriage counseling can help couples solve problems together, communicate in healthier ways and learn to work out differences.  Person-centered therapy (PCT) is also known as client-centered therapy. The goal of PCT is to provide clients with an opportunity to develop a sense of self where they can realize how their attitudes, feelings and behavior are being negatively affected.

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What I Do

My area of expertise is the mind and the way it affects behavior and well-being . . .

What my clients say

As a psychologist and a cognitive behavioral therapist I have worked with hundreds . . .

I reached Taya in a difficult period in my life and she offered her help with great enthusiasm and dedication. In Taya I found someone to whom I could feel comfortable to talk to about difficult experiences which I went through in my life. She helped me to understand and overcome my difficulties and fears. I am grateful to her for helping me feel great again.

Antoine B, Italy
Antoine B, Italy Corporate lawyer

Dear Taya! Thank you for helping me through a difficult period but most important thank you for helping me to get to know myself better. Thank you for showing me how to love myself more and demand less of me. I feel more aware and beautiful than ever. I embrace my fears and my imperfections as important part of what makes me unique. Luli P, Mexico

Luli Mexico
Luli Mexico Company Director

Taya is an exceptional mental health professional and professional career coach, especially for expats and professionals. Taya guided me through various facets through my career, while coaching me on professional development, conversation techniques, mental awareness, and building effective relationships that I have used successfully in both personal and professional life. I highly recommend Taya and her practice.

Hashim, Netherlands
Hashim, Netherlands Executive - Platform Manager

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