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Expat Psychologists team in The Hague, Leiden, & Amsterdam

It`s our goal to create a comfortable, safe environment where we`ll work together to achieve your goals . . .

An independent Private International Psychological Practice has an amazing team of qualified and experienced psychologists. The practice is committed to delivering quality services that are reliable and professional, and provide independent assessments, therapy, specialist trauma intervention, testing, and much more. . .

Expat Clinical Psychologist - Drs. Taya Slobodjaniuk

I studied psychology (Master`s degree) and it's my passion. I have lived in Syria, Switzerland, Belgium, Dubai and Nigeria and worked for several years and experienced the beauty of different cultures. I am now happily living in The Hague. Traveling is my passion and as a globetrotter I have visited so far 45 countries and counting.

Spanish speaking Clinical Psychologist - Drs. Natalia Martínez García

I was born and bred in Barcelona, Spain. There, I obtained a Master degree in General Sanitary Psychology and a Postgraduate degree in Advances Clinical Psychopathology, where I had the opportunity to dive into applicable techniques to obtain a balanced mental health. I always have known that I wanted to dedicate my whole life to this profession, because for me is more than that, is my vocation.

Clinical Psychologist & Behavior Analyst - Drs. Kendall Cygan

My heart and passion have resided with psychology ever since I can remember. My passion for helping others stems from being part of a large family and understanding the importance of support and community. I was born in The United States, where I studied my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, with an emphasis in Positive Psychology. Alongside my studies, I played volleyball at the highest level.

Child & Adolescent Psychologist - Drs. Kelly Filippopoulou

I'm a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and a Child and Adolescent psychologist (MSc). I was born and raised in Athens, Greece. Facing the big dilemma between teaching and psychology, I opted for the second. Having clear in my mind that children and adolescents is the population I would like to focus on, I pursued a MSc in Child and Adolescent Psychology in Leiden University.

Clinical Psychologist - Drs. L. Lidia Pardo Alba

I was born and raised in Spain, where I studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology. Alongside these two and other qualification – including presentation and attendance of conferences – I built up my professional career working in different settings, such as psychological services and associations.

Psychological Services

Treatment and psychological assesments that helping you change your thinking patterns and improve your coping skills so you're better equipped to deal with life's stresses and conflicts. . .

The practice is comitted to delivering quality services . . .

Expat Psychologists in The Hague Leiden

We pride ourselves on providing a highly professional, efficient, specialist and prompt service and on always meeting deadlines. We  trained to treat the full spectrum of psychological issues and disorders. In the practice we use  different approaches or therapies.

Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is based on the idea that your thoughts cause your feelings and actions. Behavior therapy is a treatment focuses on changing unwanted or unhealthy behaviors and replacing them with healthy ones. Psychoanalysis is a treatment that encourages you to think and talk about memories and feelings from the past. Couples therapy or marriage counseling can help couples solve problems together, communicate in healthier ways and learn to work out differences.

Person-centered therapy (PCT) is also known as client-centered therapy. The goal of PCT is to provide clients with an opportunity to develop a sense of self where they can realize how their attitudes, feelings and behavior are being negatively affected.

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At times we all long for a better life, a more fulfilling relationship, meaningful work. How do we get there? Where do we begin? We can help you find your way. We believe that therapy is a journey back home to this sense of wholeness.


Please reserve your time! otherwise we can't have a session with you. . .

On Saturdays we have a free of charge, consultation hour. You are welcome to come and discuss with our psychologist about any questions you may have regarding mental health difficulties. Let us know that you come, so we can plan an individual free of charge short session with you at info@expatspsychologist.com or 06-5752 6950.

Also we provide free walk-in mindfulness practice short session so you get in touch with your own emotions, feelings, and  thoughts! Reservation needed!

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