Private International Psychological Practice - Expat psychologist / The Hague psychologist / Leiden psychologist wants to offer clients a good and low-threshold complaints system. A scheme that provides the client with the opportunity to express a complaint and to receive support that contributes to the satisfaction of the individual complainant, restoring client trust in the care provider and the quality of concern within Private International Psychological Practice, and it also complies with the requirements required by legislation of the practice.

Not satisfied with your care provider? Something can go wrong during the therapy treatment or counseling. If you have been treated or supervised negligently or incorrectly in your own judgment, you can submit a complaint. It is important that you first try to discuss and resolve the complaint together with your healthcare provider.

A complaint is a signal from a client about the care and services of Private International Psychological Practice. Every complaint will be taken seriously and addressed to improve the satisfaction of the treatment of the client. It is also possible to engage the confidential complaint officer *. If you are unable to resolve the complaint, you can submit a complaint to the complaint officer.

Private International Psychological Practice strives for an easily accessible complaints procedure and aims to use complaints to improve treatment and care immediately. This means that: It is clear to the client, where and how a complaint can be expressed; Dissatisfaction and complaints should be discussed, where possible, directly with the directly involved employee so that any problems at that level can be resolved; Information and an open attitude towards complaints and suggestions are important to all concerned.

Private International Practice is based on mutual respect between client, family member or close relative and employee and tries to pursue equality as much as possible. The complaint must be filed, subject to special circumstances, within six months.

Quality: complaints are a manifestation of displeasure/discontent from an individual, but clients often give the motivating reason for complaint is with the intention that it lead to adjustments that make things better for new clients. Complaints, therefore, highlight the need for direct action from the petitioner.

Complaint system within the practice 

Expat psychologist strives make the complaints process as accessible and as transparent as possible. To get an initial clear picture, we recommend sending an email. Dissatisfied? Talk to each other first!

In the first instance, the client must attempt to discuss their dissatisfaction directly with the psychologist. When a client complains directly to the psychologist, they can try to solve the problem or dissatisfaction between them. Psychologist can clarify misunderstandings or any unanswered questions. In instances were made, the psychologist will take responsibility for this. Dissatisfied statements resolved in consultation between complainer and psychologist do not have to be formally registered as a complaint.

Complaints are viewed as indicators for the potential need for systematic improvement. The analysis of complaints can provide important information towards improving plans and annual strategy plans. If a client is not satisfied with the solution of the complaint by the psychologist, he may submit the complaint officer.

Complaint outside of the practice

Private International Psychological Practice / Expat Psychologist strives to handle and resolve complaints as soon as they arise. If this does not lead to a satisfactory solution for both parties, a complaints officer can be contacted.

* Complaint officer

Mr. Theo Splinter

tel: 06-46160403