Welcome! We are excited to begin a new journey with you. Together we will work on identifying areas in your life that are not fulfilling you in the way you'd like. We will improve relationships with yourself, your work and your loved ones. Most importantly, we will discover your authenticity, allowing your life to get into alignment with who you really are. Whether you're working on improving friendships, family or romantic relationships, you will be empowered to make the changes you've been hoping for. In therapy, we'll work together to explore cycles and patterns so that you can become more self-aware, abandon unhealthy patterns, and find inner peace. Let's begin your journey to a new life today!

Are you wondering why life is so difficult, why do you suffer so much or why is it so hard to be happy? Do you find it hard to engage in satisfying intimate relationships? Maybe you are feeling tired, can't keep up with your daily routine, and emotional for no reason. Using proven methods we help men and women heal relationships and experience a satisfying life so that they can live a full, meaningful and vibrant life. Contact us today for a consultation  at info@expatspsychologist.com and begin moving in new direction.