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Everyone has the potential for greatness. But we all must learn to use our challenges, triumphs, and experiences to self-actualize. We work with clients to build upon strengths and make lasting changes that move them closer to a content, fulfilling existence.

Free Consultation

We offer a free of charge 30-minute consultation in Leiden, The Hague, and on Zoom. You are welcome to come in and discuss with our psychologists any questions you may have regarding mental health difficulties.

On appointment only.

We all know what to do to take care of ourselves however we continue to make decisions in our lives that sabotage our goals. Why is this? We help people to understand the why.

Our main focus in therapy is to help people to live happier, fuller lives. Obstacles such as fear, trauma, and negative self-image often block people from what they are truly capable of. The therapeutic relationship provides an environment of acceptance, free from judgement, from which to begin the very personal work of therapy.

Our philosophy and approach to helping clients is to do a thorough assessment and develop a treatment plan that is characteristic of that client and guide clients through therapy to healing. Each client has a uniqueness about them and my work is finding it and helping that client realize it and live in it. Perception is the key to understanding. Awareness is the key to realization.