Spanish speaking Psychologist


Natalia Martínez García
Spanish speaking Psychologist

I am a Spanish highly motivated psychologist, devoted in helping people who found themselves in difficult situations.

I was born and bred in Barcelona, Spain. There, I obtained a Master degree in General Sanitary Psychology and a Postgraduate degree in Advances Clinical Psychopathology, where I had the opportunity to dive into applicable techniques to obtain a balanced mental health. I always have known that I wanted to dedicate my whole life to this profession, because for me is more than that, is my vocation.

I have had the privilege to work with different groups of age, such as children, teenagers and adults, in different social and health care centers. My work has been mainly focused on the cognitive behavioral approach, however, I also apply other psychologist techniques, since every person and every situation required a special and different treatment. I conduct sessions in both, Spanish and Catalan.

“Any obstacle that we may face in life, can be turned it into a small opportunity if we follow the right path.”

“As human beings, we are capable of altering our lives by changing our thoughts and attitudes.”


It is your time for healing, growth and empowerment!
Life is an ongoing series of endings and beginnings, changes that are both sought and unforeseen. We are never in exactly the same place we once were (though it can certainly feel like it!). We come around to similar life patterns and challenges which present opportunities for deeper healing, new growth, and greater awareness.